Thursday, March 12, 2009

Discovery Park 3/11/2009

With a day off and sunny weather in the forecast it would be shame to stay at home but later commitments (annoying house work) prevented me from heading to the mountains so I opted to pay Discovery Park a visit. I haven't done too much in Seattle lately so actually it seemed like a nice change. I called couple friends who eagerly agreed to join me. We met at the visitor center at 10:00 a.m. all ready for our adventure to begin.

This parks seems to always surprise me with "discovery" of a new trail and this time was not an exception. We started from the visitor center and headed uphill and through the historical part of Fort Lawton towards the beach. Once we reached the beach access trail, we noticed sandy path leading steeply down disappearing in the woods below.

In adventurous spirit of the gorgoeus day we decided to explore and down we went this slope full of deep sand. Once we descended to the forest floor level, the path took us for a short pleasant stroll between leafless trees before we reached the beach.

From there we could see the lighthouse in the distance and proceeded that direction. The wind picked up here and soon our fingers were freezing but still it was such a nice walk and there was lots to see so we did not let the wind to bother us much. Behind us a silhuette of Mt. Rainier rose, unfortunatelly too hazy for the camera to capture its beauty.

We walked around the lighthouse and from there started to close our loop and head back to the cars. The wind calmed down once we walked into the trees which at that point we trully appreciated.

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