Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Windy Pass - Mt. Catherine Attempt 01/10/2010

Despite the fact the forecast called for gray cloudy day and showers later in the afternoon I was really excited about heading to the mountains. I still have few Christmas pounds to loose after all.

  The trip to Windy Pass turned out to be a good one. Not many views but the winter had many nice surprises in a form of beautiful frozen formations waiting for us along the trail. And the weather held up - not a single drop of precip during the whole trip.

  Unfortunatelly once we left the groomed trail and started heading up the ridge towards the summit of Mt. Catherine, we found ourselves dealing with thick layer of ice covering the slope. I don't think I ever saw a crust so icy.

Snowshoes would break through so we gave it a go, but soon the slope gained on steepness and was not safe to navigate through without ice axe and crampons so.

  We had to say good bye for this time but will come back to conquer the mountain better prepared in the future.