Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mount Washington Trail - 01/04/2009

It was a nice morning and the sunrise was so beautiful when we drove
through the Duvall Valley; however the forecast made it clear the
weather will change to rather bad later during the day and up to 8
inches is expected at the Pass. With that in mind Chad did not feel too comfortable going over the pass and a quick change of plans took place.

We decided to stay closer to North Bend this time and headed for Mt.
Washington trail which turned out to be a great alternative. It was
longer and more demanding that our original destination but the beauty of wintry forest and fun of descending slopes cover in deep powder made for a fun adventure.

We ended up snowshoeing about 10 miles and gained about 2700 ft of
elevation. It was surely another great day in winter wonderland.

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