Thursday, January 29, 2009

Commonwealth Basin 1/24/2009

The trip turned out way better than expected. It was cloudy and
freezing when we started but the area of Commonwealth basin
immediately welcomed us with a splendor of frosted trees and calmness
of a stream running along the trail and the lack of sunshine was
quickly forgotten.

The snow was hard packed allowing for a fast progress; however we let
ourselves stop many times to admire beauty of the snow bound forest
and the amazing artful displays of frozen waterfalls and water
running under a thin layer of ice that nature decided to treat us
with along the way.

Then the clouds gave in and first rays of sunshine revealed the
amazing mountains that surrounded us. Kendall Peak shined in its full
beauty standing against now blue sky while Guye Peak maintained its
mystery feel by only partially peeking from still mostly cloudy west

We pushed little bit beyond the Commonwealth basin area and continued
uphill towards Red Mountain. This part was steep and got steeper as
we gained elevation but our effort was rewarded by fantastic views
from above the clouds once we broke from the tight forest into more
open area. We did not intend to summit so that's where we found a
good lunch spot and decided to call it a final destination for the

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