Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alta Via 2 - Day 5 - Refugio Capanna Fassa to Hotel Garni Roberta

With another taxing day ahead of us we are on move at 8:12 a.m. descending from Refugio Capanna Passa atop Piz Boe via "the easier" route which involves three cable protected sections. We clip in for added protection but except for few steps along one of the ledges it is relatively easy descent which spits us back on trail 641 leading towards Passo Pordoi at 9:10 a.m.

Before we reach the pass, we face another decision. To descend the whole way on foot, or to take a gondola down for the final 1800 ft which in our guide book are described as so steep we will slide on our butts. Walking it is. And even though the slope is very steep, the trail is, just as we experienced in every other gully so far, very well set, and not once our butts get in contact with the dirt. It takes us 1hr 15 min to descend. We reach Paso Pordoi at 11:01 a.m. With our appetite built up we decide for a lunch break here, spaghetti with ragu cost 8.00 euro a plate, and are of decent quality.

20 minutes later we hit the trail again. One more uphill, we think, and a gradual descend to Lake Fedaia. We think wrong. The trail climbs up and start traversing slope high above the valley floor. It is a rolling terrain with more ups then downs. The scenery is an opposite of what we experienced yesterday. We walk in green meadows, variety of flowers bloom around us and they attract bees and butterflies. It is a pleasant walk, even though at some spots the trail gets little too close to the cliffy edge.

When the downhill finally comes, it has little to do with gradual. The trail starts dropping into the valley, quickly loosing elevation. A sign warns us the trail is suitable for expert hikers only, what it means is lots of slippery gravel underfoot, and a short section protected with cable which is not that exposed at all, even I do not hold the cable the whole way. Finally we descent to the lake. It is 14:20

Refreshing cold drink sounds good. Estimating we will be on our way in next ten minutes, we order beer and raspberry soda at a local restaurant. Obviously they are not in much hurry. 35 minutes later we finally leave.

According to the guide book we should follow the road all the way to Malga Ciapela. It is not a tempting thought. The road is twisty with many blind corners and no shoulder for trekkers to walk on. Instead we cross the bridge and on the other side find decommissioned road which locals use to promenade along the lake. It is much safer and much more enjoyable than dodging the traffic.

Hotel Carni Roberta where we arrive at 16:50 is one of the smaller ones in town. We are offered choice from two rooms, and given recommendations for dinner. Wi-if is not ncluded but only cost €2.00 per day.

After a long hot shower we visit the shopping area in town, a small grocery store, two sporting goods stores and a souvenir shop, and later make a decision to dine at hotel Roy where they offer us a special, a three course meal for €16.00

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