Sunday, June 21, 2009

Granite Mountain 6/20/2009

The snow is melting fast from the mountains. Majority of the trail to Granite Mountain lookout was snow free and most of the parts that were still snow covered were accompanied with option to scramble on rocks around them.

The hike turned out great. Way better that we expected actually. We left the trailhead with all the surrounding mountains socked in and no views available but instead the gorgeous views the trail let us admire little things along the way such as neat rock formations, blueberry bushes loaded with tiny tiny berries(can't wait to come back during fall), stream bubbling through meadow, and hundreds of sweet smelling bear grass blooms.

Once we got higher and were close to reaching the top, the weather changed a bit - to our advantage. The clouds rolled around us, revealing little views here and there. It was like looking through a window kinda.

Progressively the clouds got lighter and offered more views. It was not the grand views this place holds on a clear sunny day, but still it was decent show. Combined with the soft clouds appearing and dissapearing at various spots the scenery was beautiful.

The weather cooperated really well. It was warm the whole time and not a single drop of rain hit the ground while we were on the trail.

Another good day to be in the mountains!

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