Monday, April 27, 2009

Icicle Ridge 4/25/2009

Great day over on the East side of the mountains. Despite the forecast threatening with possible snow showers, we found the area under mostly blue sky.

It was nice to hike again and see first wildflowers coloring the slopes, including bright yellow balsamroots and tiny purplish lupines. The air carried a scent of spring and the breeze was nicely warm at the lower part of the trail.

It took us several miles to reach the snow. We found more solid snow coverage at around 4200 ft high and after initial attempt to walk on the snow, snowhoes went on. Cold wind also picked up in the higher elevation, chilling us fast. From T-shirts we bundled in several layers, gloves and hats to enjoy the views.

Nice lunch spot with a view was found at around 5500 ft but the area was little too breezy so our lunch did not last all that long. Soon we were rushing down to the warmer part of the trail.

Around 10 miles and 4300 ft elevation gained today.

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