Sunday, February 8, 2009

Skyline Ridge 2/4/2009

Sometimes days just turn so good it feels it's too good to be true. Today was one of those days - sunny, blue sky, warm - those are few words that would briefly summarize today. It really felt more like a spring than a winter and it was absolutely awesome.

Rather than sticking to the road on our way in we cut it straight uphill, following trail created there by the weekend crowds (so glad we were able to get there mid-week). Popularity of this area combined with a lack of fresh snow made the trails so hard packed that snowshoes were not necessary. We brought them along in case we encounter deeper powder higher up or in case the snow softens later on being exposed to this extremely warm day but they ended having a fun ride on our packs both ways.

We arrived to the lake in good time and taking advantage of this gorgeous day, we headed for the ridge… and the views. This was by far the most exciting part of the trip. With just little more elevation gained, grand views opened on both sides and the trail here was lined with amazing snow formations.

What a fantastic day to be outside!

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